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Your Name in the Music Video Credits of Flowers For You!

Nov 6 | Posted by: Admin

With his first goal of 100 Patrons reached, Sawyer has set a new goal of 250 Patreon Supporters!  Sawyer's new Patreon Goal of 250 paid subscribers comes with a unique opportunity for his Patreon Supporters, to have your name included in the On-Screen Credits of Sawyer's Flowers For You Music Video. Sawyer will include all levels of Patreon Supporters names in the On-Screen Credits as Thanks to All of his Patreon Subscribers helping fund the making of the Music Video and Album. Flowers For You, the Album is due out in Spring 2020. Flowers For You, The Single available to Download and Stream Nov 9 INFO.

Patreon is a platform wherein fans can support their favorite artist via a paid monthly subscription. Sawyer has created 5 levels of support for his fans to choose from; Seed Supporters pay a $5 monthly subscription, Root Supporters pay a $10 monthly subscription, Sprout Supporters pay a $25 monthly subscription, Leaf Supporters pay a $50 monthly subscription and Flower Supporters pay a $100 monthly subscription. Each level of support comes with a menu of perks ranging from Patreon Exclusive Voting for Choice of songs Sawyer will record Exclusively for Patreon Supporters*, Surprise Gifts in the Mail*, Birthday Cards*, Attend Sound Check*, Handwritten Set List* and More! Sawyer will even give his Flower Level Supporters a Bouquet of Flowers For You at a show*! *Please Visit Sawyer's Patreon Page to Signup to Support Sawyer making Music and to learn how Patreon Perks are assigned*

Sawyer and his Band; Chris Thomas, Drums, Gannon Ferrell, Bass Guitar and Jerome Goosman, Guitar, perform Sawyer's original song, Flowers For You at the Auricle in Canton OH on October 25, 2019


Never miss seeing live music! Track Sawyer at Bands in Town.

Flowers For You Album Art by Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Nina Pfeiffer.

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