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"Born" Premieres on American Songwriter.com!

Apr 1 | Posted by: Admin

Sawyer's original song "Born" Premieres on AmericanSongwriter.com

"Born" is the fifth track on Sawyer's new Album Flowers For You.

"Born" was written by Sawyer and here he explains the process and significance of "Born". “I started writing ‘Born’ during breaks in the studio,” said Sawyer, “while we were recording Hide Your Ghost. I didn’t realize until later that I was writing about my mom. We had gone through an intense three years, spending so much time together on the road, in the studio, and even at home, I was basically living with my manager. We handled it as best we could, but we were just too tangled up. It was a painful and confusing time, for both of us. My story may be unusual, but I think most parents and teens go through feelings like these at some point.”

Flowers For You will be released on May 1, 2020.

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