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Flowers For You, Release Date, May 1, 2020! Sawyer's Patrons Get a Complimentary CD!

Mar 26 | Posted by: Admin

Sawyer's newest album Flowers For You will be realased on May 1, 2020!

All of Sawyer's Patreon Patrons, who signup by March 31, 2020 get a copy of Flowers For You CD as a Thank You for your Support, in April!



Patreon is a platform that enables Fans to directly support their favorite Artists. Artists create different levels of Support for Fans to contribute.

On his Patreon Site, Sawyer has created 5 Levels of Support from Seed, $5/monthly Support to Flower, $100/monthly support. Each level has a menu of perks and experiences that Sawyer created as Thanks for your level of Support.

All of Sawyer's current Patreon Patrons and any new Patrons, who signup by March 31, 2020, will be the first to receive Sawyer's, newest album Flowers For You. 

 Flowers For You CD's Arrive!

As one of Sawyer's Patreon Patrons you also get access to Exclusive Collectables, Experiences and Merchandise at Sawyer's New Patreon Shop.

Sawyer's Patreon Shop

Sawyer's Free Range Folk Tie-Dyed T-Shirts will be available for the first time online only at Sawyer's Patreon Shop. To enter The Tie-Dye Shop you'll need a Patron Access Code so signup Now!

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