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Jan 12 | Posted by: Admin

It’s Finally here! A Good Storm, the original studio version, on Vinyl. Vinyl reaches back to the roots of recorded music. The rich subtleties only Vinyl can deliver are a perfect compliment to Sawyer’s powerful vocals. A Good Storm, Vinyl Edition, includes 2 Bonus Tracks, Sawyer’s Originals, Any of My Trouble and Silent Word. Also included with A Good Storm, Vinyl Edition, is an exclusive Lissy Elle photo sleeve, this previously unpublished photo was selected by Sawyer to be included with the A Good Storm Vinyl Edition. Visual Artist Lissy Elle also photographed and crafted the A Good Storm Cover.

Prized by audiophiles, Vinyl is also highly collectable!

Vinyl is, by nature, more environmentally friendly, then CDs, but Sawyer and his team aimed for the highest environmental standards:
1. Pressings are made from 25% recycled vinyl stock. Lower levels of virgin vinyl does degrade the sound quality. Vinyl is USA sourced and pressed in Oregon. Sawyer chose a company, Cascade, which unlike most pressing companies, uses vinyl that is free of lead and other heavy metals.
2. Sleeves and covers are made from 100% recycled paper, sourced and printed in the USA.
3. When biodegradable shrink-wrap proved unavailable, Sawyer chose to forgo any shrink-wrap, a one use non-recyclable plastic that contributes to hazardous non-biodegradable waste that has been found to be clogging up our oceans. Should your durable kraft card stock album cover sustain minor scuffs or scratches, think of all the creatures you have saved. For the hard core collectors, a limited number of albums are available with reusable, re-closable polysleeves.

Sawyer at home holding one of the first copies of A Good Storm Vinyl Edition!

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If you are new to Vinyl or are returning to Vinyl check out some Made in the USA turntables.

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images-1C10-MA-4 Made in Louisville, KY

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images Unknown-3 Made in Boston, MA

Production footage courtesy of Cascade Record Pressing of Milwaukie, OR.images-3

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