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Sawyer Announces New Patreon Campaign

Sawyer announced that he has created a Patreon Account.  Patreon is a platform that enables artists to offer their fans exclusive content, perks and merchandise via varied tiers of monthly support. The tiers have an escalating array of exclusive ...

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Sawyer's Interview on KABC.com August 25, 2019

On August 25 Sawyer was the guest of Dr. Howard Gluss on his program; Dr. G; Engaging Minds: The Solution; Is our lack of Sleep Killing us? on KABC radio. Sawyer shared some of his Sleep Paralysis experiences with Dr. G and his panel. Click

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Turning the Shoulder (Live on Windrake Farm) The Single

Turning the Shoulder (Live on Windrake Farm) the Single will be released digitally July 26, 2019.  Turning the Shoulder (Live on Windrake Farm) is Avaible to

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Shubb Capo

Shubb Capo